Friday, September 17, 2010

You look familiar

What's In Your Book of Grace? Here's what's in mine:
a CIT (creature in trouble), or perhaps, whether female or male, a DID (damsel in distress) was in my bedroom this morning
at 545 when i was sitting in bed blissfully writing. Seeing the waterbug, which is what it was (and still is, i think)
i did not scream. It was running from the lamp lit room into the darkness of the closet.
"if you run into the dark, you will die there," i said.
I doubt if it heard me, over the sound of its fear. or its feet. those long legs it has, with the pointy hairs.
"come out into the light and I'll help you out," i said.
but i don't speak waterbug.
I kept writing and, me, being afraid of the bug kept both eyes on the closet should it come towards me
i was writing and not looking at the page. hmm.
I went into the living room, "come in here and I'll help you out," i said
moments later, there it came. Like a pet. my pet waterbug.
I put a drinking glass over it. slipped a piece of paper underneath.
"you look familiar," i said
"You've never seen me in your life," s/he said.
"You look familiar," I said
"Are you saying that all us waterbugs look alike?" s/he said
(we were speaking, conversing. the whole thing was kind of miraculous at this point)
I walked towards to the window. Inside the glass, my pet bug was gently going bananas.
"You look familiar," I said.
"How can that be?" the bug whimpered.
I removed the slip of paper and shook the glass.
"I'm only looking at your heart," i said.
Kindly my pet waterbug did not crawl backwards on to my hand, but bravely
flew away.
Right on & Pass it on

Friday, June 4, 2010

Back from Tokyo,Myanmar,Phnom Pehn, Seoul

What's in your book of Grace? Here's what's in mine: I'm back from my beautiful trip. I was away for most of the month of may which included my bday. I landed in Tokyo and was met by friends, scholars & professors who are translating some of my work. Then off to beautiful Myanmar where I met new friends, awesome artists, taught some classes, gave some lectures, learned a lot, ate great food, then Cambodia and Seoul where it was more of the same but nothing like anything I'd ever experienced. That's the short version. I couldn't post while I was traveling. In several spots internet was tricky and in Myanmar it was pretty impossible. So I'm playing catch up now. Bear with me cause it just may take forever. Here is a mangosteen. Right on and pass it on xoxo SLP

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Waterbug

What's in your Book of Grace? Here's what's in mine: Another waterbug in my apartment tonight! And, instead of squishing him, I caught him and released him back into the wild. I did this the first time on Easter Sunday. And now again tonight. I may be getting good at this. Funny what skills you can develop. What skill might you begin to develop today? Right on & Pass it on xoxo SLP

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's In Your Book of Grace? Here's what's in mine:

27 April 2010: A friend emailed me yesterday. Mr. Lyle Brennen. He is fabulous and teaches Physics. Years ago, in high school he was my favorite teacher. He had, and still has, a way of brilliantly communicating aspects of the seen-but-unseen world. He moves you to love physics. He moves you to want to be a physicist. I can still hear his voice in my head. He made a mark. A good mark. Mr. Brennen tells me he's retiring soon. Who will take his place? No one. No one can take his place, although, of course, they'll hire someone to teach his class. Also, his excellence makes me wonder about teachers these days. And about the state of (mostly public) education. From what I read, the public education system is not in a great place. Well. I know, from the teachers I talk with, (when I go on school visits) that the majority of them are highly competent. And I also I know that they all need our support. Cause it's our kids they're teaching, after all. Another thing: send out a shout to a teacher from your past. And thank them. Yep.

What else is in my book of grace today? The store had 2-for-one toothpaste.

Sometimes it's the little things.

Right On and Pass it on.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's In Your Book of Grace? Here's what's in mine:

I haven't written in several days. My friend lost his job. And then there was the volcano that has left lots of people stranded. I'm realizing that in writing a Book Of Grace I'm opening up the question: what gets included and what is excluded? And, again, what if everything were in the Book of Grace? And/or what if, by putting something in the book of Grace it was made better/ whole/part of the whole. There is an alchemy at work here. And I'm no where near figuring it out. Well. I'll savor the trip. Right on & Pass it on. xoxoSLP

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In My Book of Grace: April 14

What's in your Book of Grace?
Here's what's in mine:

14 April 2010:
My friend Sama got the results back from her biopsy today.
The results are normal. That's a blessing. And Sama is a mighty saint.

Right on & Pass it on.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In My Book of Grace: April 13

What's in your Book of Grace?
Here's what's in mine:

13 April 2010:
Our Production Stage Manager, Amy, gave me these seedlings last week. They're coming along.

Right on & Pass it on